Ferme Bio des Bois de Merle

Micro farm specialising in permaculture and biodynamic cultivation

The Ferme des Bois de Merle sits opposite the Tours de Merle, in the untamed Maronne valley, a designated Natura 2000 site.

We farm in the woods, without machinery, on a rock surrounded by ancient terracing. Our goats help us clear the land and our chickens provide our fertiliser.

The ancient farm not having been exploited for 80 years, we immediately received organic certification.

Gavin is a vegetarian and Isabelle is a cook and flexivore. As a result, we wanted to host people and allow them to taste our fresh, seasonal produce.

In our garden, with its spectacular view of the medieval site, we serve both vegetarian meals and meals with certified organic meat from a local producer, such as chicken, guinea fowl, duck, lamb or veal. When you make your reservation you can choose from our specials according to what you fancy and your dietary requirements (veggie, gluten-free...).

After your meal we invite join us for a stroll around the gardens.

Le sentier des eaux vives, a beautiful walking path, crosses the farm. It’s about 10km long and follows the river before climbing to the deserted villages that overlook the valley. We often host groups of walkers for lunch; ask us if you’re interested.

We have recreated a medieval tavern in our cellar, where you will eat if the weather’s bad. Rain or shine, you are free to explore our medieval costume collection on display there.

Every Wednesday lunchtime in July and August we serve a medieval banquet, in full costume. Places are limited so reservation is essential.

We also do themed evenings: birthdays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, couscous, barbecues, costume evenings, story-telling walks.... just ask.

You can find us at most of the region’s organic markets: Beaulieu, Meyssac, Brive, Aurillac, Fontanges..... We’re also at Argentat every Thursday morning, St Privat every Friday morning, and at the Pleaux fairs in spring. That’s why we’re closed at midday on Thursdays and Fridays (except for reservations).