Our farm produce

All our specialities are produced with love on the farm or gathered from nature. They are grown without synthentic products and according to the principles of agrobiology. The ingredients we use to prepare our dishes – brown sugar, lemons, oranges, cold-pressed virgin oils, Madagascan vanilla, essential oils, etc. – are all certified organic.

Our jams and jellies, cooked in a cauldron, are made according to ancient recipes, which have often been forgotten over time but are very tasty. Some of our recent hits include Damask Rose or Strawberry and Mint.

We don’t use any intensive production methods nor any machinery. Our stocks can therefore be limited and vary according to the season.


Red Fruits and Berries: raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, redcurrant, gooseberry, blackcurrant, ...

The classics: mirabelle, greengage, fig and walnut, medlar, pumpkin and chestnut, quince jelly, apple, grape...

From the woods: elderberry, rosehip, dandelion

Et aussi, rhubarbe, menthe, rose, tomates vertes et gingembre confit, Chutney de tomates vertes, conserves de légumes...


Ceps or chanterelles in oil, dried horns of plenty...

Cordials and Lemonades

Peppermint, elderflower, great mullein, dandelion..... fig kefir

Spice Wine and Nut Wine

Health and Well-Beeing

Macerations of Calendula, St John’s Wort, birch sap (in the spring)

Medicinal plants: lemon balm, sage, peppermint, wild rose, lime.....PLANTS

Nursery: Bedding plants (23 ancient tomato varieties, squashes, salads, etc), herbs and succulents, prebonsai from our woods, Damask roses, flowering and medicinal plants...

And, of course, our seasonal fresh vegetables